Peter Douskalis is a musician, arranger, and educator. His arrangements have been published by Hal Leonard Corporation, has given two TEDx Talks about multicultural music education, and has had two academic articles published in the International Society for Music Education Conference Proceedings journal on the same topic. His solo jazz guitar CD “The Dance of the Sea” received national and international acclaim in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, Los Angeles Jazz Scene, Jazz Journal (UK), and Cadence Magazine. He can be seen performing regularly with Pericles Kanaris, Sounds of Cyprus, and Alarga.


3 CD Releases and 5 singles

Author of Essential Elements Guitar Ensembles: Multicultural Songs - Hal Leonard Corporation

2 TEDx Talks - TEDxHerndon - Sounds of Cyprus – Using Music to Bridge Intercultural Relations

                                        TEDxHerndon - Systematic Inequality In Eduaction - Advocating for Change through Music?

2 academic article publications - The International Society for Music Education 30th World Conference Proceedings - The Multiple Layers of Culture and the Multiple Layers of Society

The International Society for Music Education 33rd World Conference Proceedings - Culture crisis - continued marginalization, enabled by federal US education policy and New York State School Music Association

Proud Endorser of Guild Guitars, Cordoba Guitars, GHS Strings, Rocktron, Acoustic Image Amplifiers and Steve Clayton Picks.

Peter can be seen performing around New York City with Sounds of Cyprus, Pericles Kanaris and Synolon, AlargaHooshere, solo jazz guitar performances and occasionally with Trapped In Static 


"The talented musicians delighted the audience with their skillful playing while Douskalis' comments provided insights into the charming and movingly beautiful works of world music." 

- Eleni Sakellis - The National Herald

“He has chops to spare and at times his ES175 sounds like more than one player…superb straight ahead jazz playing”

 – Ed Benson – Just Jazz Guitar Magazine 

“He follows in the footsteps of Joe Pass and other masters of the solo jazz guitar…he develops momentum in single-string lines but he is most accomplished in bass-line and chord-melody work”

–      Clive Cooper – Jazz Journal (UK)

“While he is a melodic player, Douskalis sometimes emulates an orchestra and pulls it off. Melody,

harmony, bass lines all interact logically, sometimes making it sound as if more than one guitarist is on the CD.”

 –  Scott Yanow – Los Angeles Jazz Scene

“displays an easy flowing sense of melody...surges live a wave...”

– Jerome Wilson - Cadence Magazine 

“Noteworthy technique, a creative approach, assured touch and glorious tone.”

– Brad Walseth –

“Douskalis is clearly a gifted musician, and his fleet-fingered attack often manages to make his Gibson ES-175 sound like several instruments.”

–      Tony Rogers –

“Mesmerizing…an extremely talented artist…”

– June Middleton – Minding Your Business (NYC TV show)  

“It's refreshing to hear a soloist in touch with his instrument and the sounds that come out of it…what is perhaps most impressive is Douskalis' touch and ability to emote a melody line.”

 –  Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World  

"Somehow Peter’s guitar reaches out and touches your soul. The music caresses you like a lover’s hand, and your troubles just seem to melt away...One listen and you’ll be entranced.”

 – Andrea Guy - Mossip 

 “lighting up the Jazz industry with his amazing Jazz guitar performances that are sure to delight music fans.”

– Isaac Davis Jr. - Junior's Cave - Online Magazine